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We created and produced Workdeck's launching video, a new digital platform to improve how to work and collaborate, for the presentation of the new brand at the Mobile World Congress and on digital media.

We wanted to inspire their clients with the attitude and lifestyle of the brand and raise expectations in their release. This video represents the birth of Workdeck, using buildings inspired by the business industry as a metaphor of an unstoppable ride to success. The main building finally overcomes many challenges thanks to his talent and perseverance.



Client Workdeck
Agency Horizon
Production Drasik Studio
Creative & Art Director Drasik
Executive Producer Monica Ferri
Creative Copywriter Victoria González
3D Animation Marcel Hita
Composition Carlos Robles
Visual effects Pol Soler & Jaume Mestre
3D Modeling Guillermo Sánchez
Music CanSons
Sound design Lastcrit

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