wired uk

Hack Your Brain to Remember Anything

We collaborated with Wired UK in one of their explainer videos: Hack Your Brain to Remember Anything. Our goal for this project was to approach complex information to the general public through visual elements that make specialized content more enjoyable and appealing.

And to achieve that, we used clean blocks of vibrant colors and clean black lines in dynamic environments. We also developed funny and memorable characters and objects, including a variety of ethnic backgrounds, ages and genders where possible, so we could make the information more accessible and easy to understand for anyone.



Visual development



Client Wired UK
Production Drasik Studio
Creative Director Drasik
Executive Producer Monica Ferri
Illustration Paula Sánchez, Aida Berengué & Eric Closas
Graphic Design Arantxa Álvarez
2D Animation & Compositing Jaume Mestre
Cel animation Aida Berengué & Eric Closas

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