in disruptions

Vueling Innovation Lab wanted to start a conversation about how to find new procedures to solve disruptions in a way that satisfies costumers more than currently does.

For that reason, we wanted to recreate real-life situations their customers have to deal with usually through 3 characters from different genders, ages, countries and professional profiles. Paula, Mark and Daniele tell their personal stories from a funny cartoon-like point of view to draw the attention of the company to what really matters to people.


Behind the scenes


Client Vueling
Agency Horizon
Production Drasik Studio
Creative director Drasik
Executive producer Monica Ferri
Script & creative concept Victoria González
Storyboard Jan Villar
Illustration Paula Sánchez & Lluis Terradellas
2D Animation & compositing Jaume Mestre & Diego Ferrero
Cel animation Eric Closas
Music & Sound Design Lastcrit
Voice Over Ayesha Mendham

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