limones de españa

Welcome to the lemon age

Welcome to The Lemon Age is a groundbreaking campaign by Limones de España to highlight the qualities of the lemon produced in Spain since 1150 from a funny and trendy perspective.

The campaign shows the "Lemonencer", the first lemon influencer in the world, telling us its incredible properties from inside a retro-digital universe in a humorous way. Layouts are inspired by interfaces from the 90’s, mixed with modern colors and textures to give a fresh look to something that has been in our lives forever.



Character design

Visual development


Client Limones de España
Agency Tactics
Executive Production Drasik Studio & Antiestático
Production Drasik Studio
Creative Director Drasik
Executive Producer Monica Ferri
Illustration Paula Sánchez
Graphic Design Arantxa Álvarez
Motion Graphics & Compositing Jaume Mestre
Cel animation Eric Closas

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