bajo la mesa

Looking to launch a music video during a global pandemic was certainly challenging. That’s why Morat decided to take advantage of the situation doing something different from what they had done until now, playing with animation to tell the story of their last song.

We wanted to create a fantasy world where we can portray things that don’t happen in real life. The story takes place in a museum where the main character travels through several paintings of different styles until he finally meets his beloved one. The members of the group are also represented throughout the piece, each one inspired by an artistic movement.


Character Design

Art inspiration



Client Morat (Universal Music)
Production Drasik Studio
Creative Director Drasik
Executive Production Antiestático & Drasik Studio
Executive Producer Monica Ferri
Storyboard Eric Closas
Illustration Paula Sánchez, Catarina Alves & Diego Ferrero
2D Animation Diego Ferrero, Alex Destro & Jonas Nunes
Cel animation Eric Closas, Aida Berengué, Nadia Scholtz & Sara Valenzuela
Compositing Alex Destro
Music Morat & Sebastián Yatra

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