Animation studio working hard from Barcelona to the World since 2014.

Being inspired by the world we live in to express our vision for the future is what keeps us alive.

For us, every project is an opportunity to create a meaningful story that lasts, always being faithful to our mantra: create something singular and aesthetically pleasing that is valuable for the brand. How we achieve that? Taking care of the slightest detail to make it stand out.

Founded by Creative Director Drasik & Executive Producer Monica Ferri, we are lucky to have a versatile and multi-skilled team and a wide collaboration network of talented friends in the industry that is flexible enough to tailor any project working across a variety of styles and techniques and brave enough to face every challenge on his way.

*if you prefer actions above words, let our work speak for ourselves.


If you are willing to bring to life an animated production where characters have a strong personality, art direction is neat, gives off underground vibes, you can count on us. We can take care of the whole production process from the creative concept, visual development, illustration, animation and post-production. Our background in design, art direction, fashion and music frequently turns out in fantastic environments inspired by the real world.

→ Let's do this!